Our Approach


At Dang & Associates, we work closely with our clients to ensure we have a complete understanding of their needs, goals and aspirations. A strategic overall plan and timeline is then formulated to achieve these objectives.


At Dang & Associates, we have established a proven, disciplined approach based upon our wealth of expertise and experience. We believe a disciplined approach will result long-term success and reduction of overall risks for our clients.


Dang & Associates takes a holistic, integrated perspective on the needs of our clients. We analyze all facets of a client’s business to achieve optimized solutions and plans.


Dang & Associates believes risks to the business and strategic plans need to be monitored, revised and updated on a continuous basis. As businesses grows and matures and owners approach different stages of life, different factors and needs need to be considered and taken into account.


Dang & Associates believes clients must have a good understanding of all the risks involved in any business strategy. We will always analyze and present risks to clients and incorporate risk-mitigation steps into recommended strategies.


Dang & Associates believes industry knowledge and best practices information should be shared with all our clients. From our large client base, we accumulate a wealth of practical knowledge and endeavour to share this information so that all our clients can manage their business and risks better.